Rollick Wines 2018 'Oddball' Viognier
Rollick Wines 2018 'Oddball' Viognier
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Rollick Wines 2018 'Oddball' Viognier

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Viognier - not a wine most people
have tried. Complex, textural &
delicious, it's the gift that keeps
on giving. A french varietal, sip it
slow or enjoy with a spicy Asian
dish. You won't be disappointed by
trying something new!
Boasting complex aromas of green
nectarine, apricot & yellow stone
fruit with nuances of roasted nuts &
nougat. The palate shows
concentrated flavours of green &
yellow stone fruits, orange blossom,
with savoury notes of clove & hints
of vanilla, all in perfect harmony &
finishing with a long creamy,
textured finish.